Decision Making

Welcome back! Part 6 of 7 already in our blog mini-series on emotional intelligence. 

The title of this post is Decision Making. How is decision making related to emotional intelligence, you might ask. Let’s start by saying that the Decision Making and Stress Management realms are the so-called functional realms of the EQi 2.0 model. They are the applications of emotional intelligence, where you can use EQ to improve performance in any area of your life. The Decision Making realm specifically concerns our ability to use our emotions in the best way that helps us solve problems and make optimal choices. 

The three sub-areas of Decision Making are: Reality Testing, Problem Solving and Impulse Control. Reality Testing is essentially the ability to remain objective and not see situations in a way we wish they were or fear them to be. Problem Solving is the ability to find solutions to problems where emotions are involved and to understand how emotions affect decision making. Impulse Control is the ability to resist or delay an impulse or temptation to act; avoiding rash behavior or decision making. 

Take a moment to think to your life, either work or private life. Have you ever made a rash decision? Have you ever impulsively lashed out at someone in a meeting? What effect did that behavior have on you or others?

Here is a fantastic TED talk by Dan Ariely on emotions and decision-making:

If you are interested in diving in deeper into your own emotional intelligence and taking the EQi 2.0 assessment, please contact Catherine.


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