Welcome to Part 3 of our blog mini-series on Emotional Intelligence. In this post, we will delve into the realm of Self-Perception according to the EQi 2.0 model. 

The Self-Perception realm is about your inner self. It is about how in touch you are with your feelings, how you feel about yourself and about what you are doing with your life. Having high self-perception means you are aware of your feelings, you feel strong and you have confidence in pursuing your life goals. You are resilient and able to view mistakes as learning situations. You are able to adapt to change easily and accept your own strengths and weaknesses.

Learning to take initiative and demonstrate passion shows others that we care about doing our best work. When we take initiative even with mundane tasks, it demonstrates we are able to overcome emotions of boredom or frustration and commit ourselves to higher goals. Overcoming disappointment also shows resilience. 

Activity for increasing our self-perception:
Watch this video and then discuss with a partner or a team the reflection questions.

1. How could Phoebe have reacted to Monica’s request?
2. What happened when Phoebe turned her energy towards cups and ice?
3. How would you describe Phoebe’s performance related to cups and ice?
4. What lessons can you take away from this video?
5. What is the potential benefit if you approach your work in a similar manner to Phoebe?

Would you like to learn more about your own self-perception? Contact Catherine for more information about the EQi 2.0 assessment. 

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