Trust in Different Cultures

Here we are at the final post of Resilient Minds’ blog mini-series on cultural intelligence. We will take a second dimension and look deeper at it. 

The sixth dimension in The Culture Map as presented by Erin Meyer in her book of the same name is: Trusting. In particular, Erin discusses the way trust is developed in business relationships around the world. The continuum goes from task-based to relationship-based. It could also be labeled ‘cognitive trust’ and ‘affective trust’. To the left there are many cultures where trust in business relationships is built through cognitive trust or, in simpler terms, through another person’s accomplishments, skills and reliability. The other end of the continuum is ‘relationship-based’ where business relationships are developed through personal relationships. 

Let’s practice: You are the coordinator of a local charity. Most participants are from the US, UK and Germany. This year, a Thai participant and a Chinese participant recently arrived in the area want to join. They have never travelled outside Asia. You are preparing a big fundraiser event and welcome the extra help. There is a lot of work that needs to be done quickly.

How would you help them integrate and feel part of the group? How would you assign them the first tasks? 

Do you find the difference in the way trust is developed around the globe interesting? Join us for our Opening Doors Across Cultures workshop in Asok, Bangkok on May 19th. 

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Thanks for joining me in this blog mini-series! I hope you have enjoyed the posts. Any feedback is more than welcome. 

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