Opening Doors Across Cultures

Martine Dinh and Catherine Miller are holding a workshop called Opening Doors Across Cultures on May 19th, 9:30-13:00. It will be held in Asok.

All proceeds donated to the AWC Thailand Scholarship Fund. Please join us! Tickets available on Eventbrite or via one of us.

A brief description:

Culture is to people what water is to fish; we notice it when we’re out of it! You are living in Thailand, perhaps you have lived in multiple countries other than your own before. You probably have many more or less funny stories about what has happened so far.

But, did you know there are simple models and tips you can use to avoid a lot of misunderstandings? If you would like to learn more and find out your own cultural profile, join us for this workshop! Welcome!

Instructors Catherine Miller and Martine Dinh are both professional certified leadership and transition coaches and both are intensely curious about understanding people from other cultures. Between us we have lived in multiple countries and continents and have experienced a range of cultures.

Suggested Donation: 1700 baht


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