First blog post

Welcome to Resilient Minds blog!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Resilient Minds coaching blog! In our blog we write about various topics related to leadership development, making lasting changes, coaching, and many other related topics. Our target audience is our clients and other coaches. We hope that you feel inspired by our posts!

If there is anything specific you are interested in, please let us know and we will do our best to delve into any relevant topics.

Mostly, it is me, Catherine, doing the writing. I write about the topics that I am working on  in my leadership development practice.  As it is Jan 2017, I have just been thinking about my goals for 2017. Together with Tone and the others, we have many exciting topics on our plates and are very much looking forward to the coming year.

Martine and I have put together a 3 -hour workshop on Cultural Intelligence which we will be hosting during Q1 2017. When we have the exact dates, I will post them for sure. Most likely March.

Looking forward to 2017!


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